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Traction - Get A Grip On Your Business

· 2 min read
Jason Walsh

Today I just finished Traction by Gino Wickman, a 200-page lightweight read that establishes a framework for scaling one's business.

Mr. Wickman argues that businesses will hit organic glass ceilings that they need to break through in order to continue their measured success.

Some topics:

  • The vision and core values: the building blocks that will drive growth
  • Ensuring you have the right people for the right roles and acknowledging that as a business breaks through new glass ceilings, those individuals may not always scale as their department or role has new demands placed upon it (and guidance around resolving these scenarios)
  • Using data to determine the right moments to focus on new growth vs. internal processes / inflection so that you don't cripple your organization by scaling too quickly
  • How to track and resolve Issues, those things that can hinder growth if not addressed
  • Establishing company-wide processes and accountability all the way from executive leadership to individual contributors
  • Lastly, creating a very simple framework that leaders can utilize to competantly assess their departments' health, whether or not they are on track for the goals they set for themselves, and how to keep propelling forward


As I read through its chapters, flashbacks of chaotic moments, confusion, miscommunication or poor communication, and even stagnation surfaced.

Looking back on those memories, it was, at the time, difficult to identify the issues' originations or how to establish swift resolutions. During those periods, it felt like issues would continue to pile up. Many would need to be solved through tough decisions and discomfort, which Gino openly acknowledges.

After having read Traction, I wish I knew about it sooner, which would have led to quicker resolutions, less burden, and more satisfaction amongst the various teams.

Simultaneously, I could now identify when fragments of that framework were unknowingly implemented and how much clarity those organizational stepping stones brought around the trajectory of the company and its health.

If you have an established business and you feel like you've hit a glass ceiling or your business' chaos factor is overwhelming, I encourage you to give Traction a try.

At worst, you lost a few hours reading something unhelpful, at best you've unveiled a toolset to assist you in your company's growth.