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Hobbies and Passions

Above everything, I enjoy getting out with my dog and husband and going to remote places. We have a six-year old german shepherd named Kesugi (Ancient One) who loves to get out and explore in the nearby deserts and forests.



We got Kesugi after we finished backpacker through the grizzly filled mountains of Alaska's Kesugi Ridge. Kesugi is a Tanaina word that means The Ancient One.

Kesugi Kesugi Kesugi Kesugi Kesugi Kesugi


Simone is a rescue from the AZ Mastiff society. We think she's about 2 years old, but we're not sure. She's got a lot of fear aggression and anxiety about just about everything, but she also has a lot of love to offer.

Simone Simone Simone Simone

Team Building

Team building and developing interpersonal bonds is one of the reasons that I love Escape Rooms

Escape Rooms

Escape Room Escape Room Escape Room


Team Bonding Team Bonding

Board Games

I love supporting creators of board games and rewarding them for the time and effort they put into the design and systems. I've backed 8 boardgames on Kickstarter since 2017.

Cards Against Humanity



Acrylic On Canvas

Bear - Silhouette West Fork Trail - Sedona



Amateur Photography

I enjoy landscape and nature photography. To see some of my work, check out my travels.

A campfire in the forest Antelope Canyon


I'm rated 1200 on and enjoy learning about different openings, strategy, and tactics. Come join me and we can blunder together!

Chess Club